June and July 2022 pictures

Posted on 15-07-2022

Here we are in the middle of the summer season, with the heat the photo trips will be rarer, some posts are deserted by birds, because the marshes or ponds are dry, a common thing in summer in the Camargue.
Many marshes are subject to natural summer drying that only lasts a few weeks because they are artificially replenished with water during the summer.

(Equipment used for this series of photos : Nikon Z9 and 500mm f/4 AFS VR)

Rabit Marsh of Camargue Marsh of Camargue Marsh of Camargue Squacco Heron Purple heron Little Grebe Little Egret Little Egret Camargue pond Camargue pond Camargue pond Rabit Flight of birds Western Cattle Egret Little Egret Little Egret Little Egret Young Little Egret Greater Flamingo Greater Flamingo Little Egret Grey heron Passerine Glossy Ibis Black-winged Stilt Black-winged Stilt Gull-billed Tern

Quote of the moment

If we take nature as our guide, we will never go astray. - Ciceron Roman philosopher and politician.