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Common Shelduck

Wildlife photography...

July 2021

Some principles on wildlife photography, before purely technical considerations...
Patience must be the first quality of the wildlife photographer, as well as a regular practice of this type of photography. Knowing the terrain and the environment where you practice is essential to capture interesting photos and avoid disturbing wildlife. The local fauna near your home often makes it possible to take a very nice photo ...

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European Bee-eater

The Hunter of Africa...

June 2021

The European Bee-eater is a migratory bird that can be seen returning to Europe from the month of May...

It is a bird with very variegated plumage the size of a thrush. Very gregarious, the European Bee-eater nests in colonies.
This one will stay in Europe until the end of the summer (August, September), before resuming its winter quarters in West Africa and South Africa...

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Pied avocet

Bird Quarrels on the Swamp...

March 2021

As spring approaches, most birds have only one objective, reproduction. This period of reproduction is essential for the survival of the species..

For many species, pairs are already formed during the winter, for others pairs are formed during this period....

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Common Crane

The Common Crane in Camargue...

January 2021

Common cranes migrate through France from North-East to South-West, and stay mainly in Champagne (Lake of Der) and in the Landes, while others continue their migration to Spain.

The Camargue is not in their usual transit zone, however more and more common cranes are stopping over in this region.....

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Best-of year 2020

Retrospective year 2020...

December 2020

The year 2020 is ending, this somewhat special year with two confinements was a bit poor in many areas and for many of us..

I still take this end of the year to do a small photographic retrospective ..... All the photographs presented were taken in the Camargue.

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autumn in Cévennes

Autumn in Cevennes...

November 2020

It's go again for a tour, we are re-confined and therefore deprived of nature and photo outings for the second time this year...

So here is an opportunity to dive back into my photo library in search of some old photos to present to you......

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Birds of Camargue...

Sept-October 2020

The meetings of the month of October .... among other things many ruff.

This bird often called in the twentieth century Fighting Knight but in fact closer to sandpipers, is a species of shorebirds of the Scolopacidae family and exhibiting a clear sexual dimorphism ...

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Dragonflies of Camargue...

August 2020

Morning walk in the Camargue reserve, in this month of August there are many dragonflies near the wetlands (mosquitoes too), yellow dragonflies, red dragonflies!
43 species of dragonflies are listed in the Camargue out of 83 listed in France.(source of information PNRC of Camargue 2005).

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Landscape of Camargue

Landscapes of Camargue...

July 2020

To the south, there is a lagoon-marine Camargue shaped by the incursions of the sea and the action of the wind. These lagoon areas are mainly located south of the Vaccarès pond. The lagoons are subject to many variations in water level and salinity under the influence of the wind. The mistral (north wind) carries the slightly salty water from the Vaccarès pond into the lagoons, thus reducing the salinity of the latter.

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Spotted Redshank

Back to the Camargue...

May-June 2020

The confinement linked to covid 19 from the month of March deprived us this year of one of the most beautiful period of the season :

  • return of certain migratory birds,
  • nesting period for a large number of species.

The only consolation, for nature lovers; many species enjoyed a relative tranquility due to the absence of humans...

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Birds in winter......

January-February 2020

Here we are in the middle of winter, during the lookout sessions, we will meet two types of birds :

  • the winterers, which we will meet from September to March, in particular the ducks.
  • sedentary ones, such as the Bearded Reedling and the Cetti's Warbler, which can be observed in the Camargue throughout the year.

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Swamp birds

The swamp Birds...

July 2019

Video realised at the Vigueirat marsh on July 17, 2019. That day many birds on this beautiful marsh...

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