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    The Vanoise

    The Vanoise is a massif in the Alps, which lies between the Maurienne and the Tarentaise. This massif is located in the Savoie department, and has two main valleys, the Tarentaise and the Maurienne. Its highest point and the summit of the Grande Casse at 3.855 meters. The minimum altitude of the park is 1280m. The Vanoise National Park was the first National Park created in France in 1963.
    It also has the distinction of having a common border with the Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy. The two national parks of Vanoise and Grand Paradis form a territory which constitutes one of the largest natural areas in Europe.

    It is the kingdom of the ibex, the group of ibex from the Vanoise is the largest in France: 1/3 of the total ibex in our country. As in many Alpine massifs, there are also chamois, marmots, ptarmigan and black grouse. We do not only find the famous Ibex, but also a very diverse flora with more than 1,700 species, or a third of the flora of France.

    This park is the kingdom of hikers, about 600 km of trails allow you to hike in the Vanoise National Park. (source Parc national de la Vanoise)