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    Photos Panoramas

    Panoramic photography is a kind of photography or technique that involves creating images with exceptionally wide fields. The panoramic photo mainly applies to the photo of a large landscape.
    So we have very elongated formats often with 1/7 ratio, it can even go as far as obtaining a circular table on 360 °. The digital photo has greatly facilitated the photographer's work, by allowing the assembly of several photos to obtain a panoramic.

    These panoramas are composed of four to six photos, taken for either landscape or portrait mode, and assembled with software. If the panorama requires a higher number of photos, I prefer portrait mode. On the other hand, it is important to take care when shooting the overlapping photos to facilitate assembly by the software.

    Since 2019, I use the software "Affinity photo" for the assembly of my panoramas. Previously I used the software "Autopano-pro" from the company Kolor, however, it stopped the development of its software "Autopano-Pro".