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    Odonates are an order of insects, often called Dragonfly, to elongated body, with two pairs of membranous wings usually transparent, with large compound eyes and usually allow them to effectively hunt their prey.
    Odonates together in two types: Damselfly and Anisoptera:

    • The Anisoptera or dragonflies in the strict sense have the wings extended flat, not stalked and uneven, the anterior narrower than the posterior of the eyes often contiguous, a rapid flight.
    • The damselfly damsels or to the body end, have the same fore and hind wings, a head wider than long, widely separated eyes. The flight is very fast and at rest, the wings are joined and erected over the body.

    The Calopteryx are characterized by large, broad wings with ribs and a metallic body color. The wings are tapered toward the base and pouvues numerous transverse ribs. At rest the abdomen is raised and closed wings. The Calopteryx are confined along water courses often in large numbers. The males vigorously defend their territory, near a place favorable spawning. They attract females during an aerial courtship developed. The Calopteryx often gather at night into dormitories in the riparian vegetation.

    All the pictures in this gallery are made of natural environment with a lens 2.8/105mm Afs-Vr Micro-Nikkor, sometimes associated with a converter TC14EIII.