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    Bees and Bumblebee

    Bees play a vital role in nature. They participate in the pollination of many plant species. Without them, many varieties of plants, flowers and fruits would be condemned to disappear. Over 80% of species of flowering plants of our planet need bees for pollination. The bee needs a flower for its pollen, the flower needs the bee for its fertilization (pollination). So by nutritional need that bees perform pollination.
    The honey bee, has a strong hair that promotes the transport of pollen. This and the drone carries pollen largely in the form of balls disposed at the metatarsal of his hind legs.
    For several years, there is an excess mortality of honeybees. The causes are poorly understood and many (pesticides, parasites ...) The threats to bees may have serious consequences for agriculture and our environment. More than a dozen factors from the overall decrease in the number of flowering plants and the use of insecticides harmful to the memory of bees to the spread of pests (Asian hornet) and air pollution, might hide behind the decline of bee colonies.