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    Common Chiffchaff

    Scientific name : Phylloscopus collybita

    Family : Phylloscopides

    Leng. 10 to 12 cm, Wing. 17 to 18 cm

    The Common Chiffchaff is a small, stocky bird of the family Phylloscopidae. The male weighs on average 8.7 g and the female weighs 6 to 7 g. The adult has green, dull, faded brown upperparts. The underparts are off-white and become yellowish on the flanks. The legs and the fingers are black, unlike the Pouillot fitis, which pales them. The flight feathers and feathers of the tail are brown and have a fine pale olive green border. The underside of the tail is cream-white tinged with buff, and the underside of the wings is yellow. The head is olive-brown, and the bird has a light yellow eyebrow and a thin whitish eye circle, which contrasts with a darker olive-brown band that runs through the eye. The beak is fine and pointed, dark in color, and the eyes are dark brown.
    It's a restless bird and not very shy. His monotonous, two-note song resounds as soon as spring begins its return.