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    Camargue horses

    The Camargue horse is another symbol of this region with the Camargue bull (raco di Biou). The origin of the Camargue horse is very inaccurate, traditionally He lives freely in marshes of origin and its genealogy remains mysterious, although it is generally considered one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world.
    This is a fairly hardy breed of small size. Hardiness is particularly suited to swampy areas. This horse has a gray dress, the foal is born dark, the latter becoming clearer with age, about five years. This breed was recognized by the National Stud in 1978. It's a race seat.
    This horse is used by cowboys for work in the herds (breeding bulls), but also for recreation, horseback riding, and discovery of the delta region, and the Camargue.

    Fire Brand of rearing Camargue horse.