How to surf and browse on the site "Montagne et Nature"

The site is designed to run on different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone).
With regard tablets and smartphones, the navigation is possible in portrait mode and in the landscape mode. Nevertheless the navigation in portrait mode is more comfortable on the small tablet (iPad mini style and smartphones).

For the proper functioning of the site, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

Menu of the site

Horizontal menu (computer and tablet) - local menu (smartphone and small tablet), this menu allows you to go to the main sections of the site.

On all pages of the site, breadcrumb, lets you know where you are and tells you the path taken to arrive at the page where you are.


Site Pages

The main themes covered in the site, are the subject of a specific page with a comment on the content treated.
On this page, there is an area "Navigation" in the form of photo thumbnails, and allowing access to different picture galleries of the site.
You can view the pages in full screen using the icon : ,on the left of the screen on the main pages of the site, under those of social networks. You can leave the full screen using this same icon, or the "Esc" key of your keyboard.(This function only affects computers).

Galleries of the site

How to view the photo galleries:

Several modules are used :

  • A module as a slide show :
    The pictures scroll automatically after a few seconds. Below the photo is the number of the photo and the total number of photos in the gallery, as well as the buttons "Previous" or "Next".
    - You can, however, resume your hand, with the buttons "Previous" or "Next" to scroll through the photos at your own pace.
    - With smartphones and tablets, the "Previous" or "Next" photo is obtained by touching by sliding with the finger.
    - You can enlarge / reduce a photo at the click of a mouse, only on computer (large device).
    This module is used for "the latest images of the site", and the "portfolio".
  • A module in the form of a thumbnail sheet :
    When you want to visualize one of these galleries, a lapse of time (more or less long depending on your internet connection) is necessary for the loading of the photos; during this time the loading wheel turns on the screen, afterward the visualization of pictures will be very fast.
    - A click with the mouse on the thumbnail allows to display and visualize the photo in full format.
    - For smartphones and tablets, touch with the finger, a tap on a thumbnail allows to view the photo in full screen.
    - An arrow (attached to the pointer of your mouse), allows you to go to the next or previous picture.
    - You can also scroll through photos with the arrow keys right and left of your keyboard.
    - You can browse these in random order, and only view those that interest you.
    - For smartphones and tablets, not the arrow, touch with the finger, a tap at right or left of the picture allows navigation.
    - A cross in the upper right corner allows you to close the photo and we return to the preview of photos as thumbnails.
  • A module "hightslide JS" :
    This module is no longer used, and only concerns certain archive pages.
    - Clicking on the thumbnail lets you view the photo in full format.
    - Another click in the full format picture closes it, and returns to the preview thumbnails.
    - You can browse them in random order, and only view those that interest you.
    - After clicking on a thumbnail and display the photo in full format, you can scroll through the photos with the arrow keys right and left of your keyboard.
    - You can use the small module navigation bar, of VCR style :
How to view videos:

A shorter or longer period is necessary (depending on your internet connection) for loading the video, during the loading time, a still image is displayed.
Then the video is displayed, in principle, it start alone.
You can use the control bar to launch the video, stop, adjust the volume, or to turn on full screen.


Under the galleries of the site, is a title "Read more", a click on this title allows the display of a description and information on the gallery. (by default, this description is hidden). Some galleries do not have (or not yet) a description.

Good ride in picture, good visit, on the site "Montagne et Nature".