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photo auteur

Welcome to the site "Montagne et Nature".

This site has for only ambition to make you share my passion for the photography which I practise for several years. I am an amateurish photographer with a passion for nature and hiking ... especially in the mountains. For me the hike is inseparable of the photo. Nature is the one that gives me inspiration, and the photo has taught me and developed my sense of observation, and ask a different view of what surrounds us.

I live in a neighbouring village of Nimes, in a region between sea and mountains close to two parks; "Camargue Regional Park" and "the Cevennes National Park".
The Cevennes which I like particularly is in about sixty kilometers, the Mount-Lozère in hundred of kilometers; the Camargue when to her is in about forty kilometers from Nimes. This thus allows me to organize my escapades and my hikes on a day.

I make of the photo since the age of 20 years, my first camera was a Zenit SLR (at this period, the Nikon F was not in my means). I continue from time to time to photograph in argentic with a big format Mamiya RB67, I use mainly of the slide " Provia 100F, for his neutrality. I practiced during several years the black and white lab, the emergence of the images under the safelight, has for me always something magical... I thus have a former argentic culture.

For some time, with more freedom, I devote myself to wildlife photography, indeed this discipline requires a lot of time on the field, and perseverance. The Camargue near to Nimes, stays a ground of preference for this type of photo, in particular for birds.

This site will evolve over the course of my hikes and my favorites. I wish wholeheartedly that my images bring you so much enjoyment as the one that I had to realize them.

This site is dedicated to the beauty of Nature, and to all her lovers. Good ride in picture, good visit, and Thank you for your passage.



Ethic :

The galleries show photographs of free animals. They are photographed in their natural environment. These photographs are performed in affut, observatory or approach without disturbing them. The approach and observation of animals must be made by avoiding any inconvenience which would be likely to disturb their tranquility. One must know to renounce a photograph that may cause harmful disturbance. Likee, know, respect, are the rules to be applied ...
Some rare pictures of animals in captivity are listed on the site; for information, this tag appears on the photo for information.

Photo Equipement used

I'm currently using two cameras, a Nikon D4 with full-size sensor 24x36, and a Nikon D500 with smaller sensor at the coefficient 1.5x, and various optical ranging from 16mm to 500mm, some associated with TC14EIII converter. The full frame sensor provides beautiful background blur more attractive in many cases. The 500 mm stabilized is my favorite lens for wildlife photography. I also use a monopod, as well as a Gitzo foot with a pendular ball "Winberley" for the comfort of use with the 500mm.


The digital technology revolutionized the photography, but many amateurish photographers feel out of the race when it is about digital post-treatment. He is not as well difficult as we could believe it to realize a constant production of images of professional quality... "more information".